Chiropractic credentialing


With the changing times and increasing awareness, it is necessary to maintain the quality and credibility of medical service providers. Credentialing is the only and best way to maintain the quality service providers of this sector. 

The process of authenticating a provider’s qualifications is termed as credentialing. Credentialing verifies documents and assures that the providers can provide care to patients. In the past few years, the process has emerged as one of the best ways to protect the integrity of the healthcare profession.

National Integrated HealthCare Group provides the best and cost-effective credentialing service that appropriately fulfils all your business needs. The whole process is carried out by our experienced and professional experts. We are recognized as the best credentialing service in the country and are trusted by medical providers across the nation.

Chiropractic credentialing

Chiropractic credentialing is a service that makes sure that providers can serve you with cost-effective and high-quality chiropractic care through a network of highly professional and credible chiropractic practitioners. The provider must meet all the laid requirements as only applicants who meet all of the credentialing criteria outlined herein will be approved for in-network participation. 

Only Chiropractors who have been approved for participation in the Insurance Carrier’s Network are referred to as Providers. Providers must continue to meet all the credentialing or re-credentialing standards for continued participation. Failure to meet or maintain any of the standards will result in declined participation or even termination from the Insurance Carrier’s Network.

Our process:

Most health insurance companies have made credentialing mandatory as it enables patients to utilize their insurance plan to pay for medical services consumed and also enables the provider to get appropriate compensation for the medical services provided.

The process of credentialing service is complicated and requires the submission of multiple documents. NIHC Group handles all credentialing needs. The credentialing process managed by us is completed by verifying all of the provider’s documents. These documents include their medical license, malpractice insurance, and DEA etc.

Why choose us?

NIHC Group has been ruling the credentialing industry with the help of our incredibly trained and skilled team, our easy to access services are preferred by hundreds of providers across the nation. Our team of experienced analysts is well-trained to handle all your time sensitive issues cost-effectively.

Following are a few reasons that let us outstand against our competitors:

  • We make sure that your data is protected, secured and up-to-date
  • Faster payment processing and boost your patient referrals
  • Simple and faster processing of paperwork and application forms
  • We help build and maintain quality relationships with different payer sources.
  • Our team delivers a knowledgeable and comprehensive service
  • Provide useful and genuine recommendations by performing analysis for your specialty and service area 
  • Our end to end services like initial credentialing, re-credentialing, notifying you of any expiring documents and maintaining your CAQH profile make us our customer’s first choice.