Why Choose Us ?

Save money

Estimated in-house cost of credentialing is $30,000 annually however with outsourcing credentialing to NIHC Group your practice can save up to 76% which impacts the bottom-line

Save Time

Saves you on average at least 2 months of process time

Stress Free

Makes you stress free from all the paperwork and endless applications and helps you focus on growing the practice

24/7 access

24/7 access to documents related to your credentialing application

Expert help

Have the expertise to get contracts and applications setup right the first time!

Dedicated Credentialling Analyst

Upload and manage documents needed for credentialing and privileging.

Maximize Patient Referrals

Maximize patient rs by ensuring our providers are reflected correctly in the Insurance Carrier's database

Follow Up

We make all the phone calls, follow-ups, and submit all applications, e-mails and faxes on your behalf

Renewal Alerts

Timely notifications of when licenses/malpractice etc. are going to expire and much more

Monthly Reviews

We start from the very beginning and follow through with monthly updates until the provider/practice has the executed contract

Maximum Exposure

Maximum Exposure: (Wellmed, Workers Compensation, Tri-Care, VA, Medicare and Medicaid, etc.)

Higher Reimbursement Rates

Higher Reimbursement Rates


Provider sends us all of the credentialing information and NIHC group completes and submits the paper work for all of the different health plan(s) selected. A provider can add or terminate plans at any time during our annual agreement.

Plan Status Report

We provide the office with a Plan Status Report detailing the plans and products you are in network with and the effective dates. The report also includes any plan specific ID Numbers such as record # and Medicare PTANs

Affordable Payment

We offer Credentialing/Re-credentialing services on a National basis to our Participating Providers


Credentialing Standards are becoming more regulated and audited due to legal actions taken against Practices and Providers


We offer Credentialing/Re-credentialing services on a National basis to our Participating Providers‚Äč

Removal Of Plan

Missing a re-credentialing request will result in removal from the Plan (often with a one year waiting period before you can re-apply)