Medical Credentialing

In this competitive world credentialing is the only way to up rise and lead the market. It is the process of verifying a provider’s qualifications to ensure that they can provide the best care to their patients. Most health insurance companies, CMS/Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial plans, as well as hospitals and surgery centers, have made this process mandatory.

The medical industry has seen immense growth in the past few years and to ensure that patients receive the best quality medical service in need of an hour, credentialing is the only way to filter out the toxins from the medical industry. This credentialing service is a boon for healthcare providers as it helps them credentialed with maximum payer sources so that patients can use their insurance plans with their respective provider practices. 

Medical credentialing:

Credentials Verification Organization (CVO) is assisting health care organizations to properly verify the identities of qualified health care providers for participation in a hospital or other medical group. Validating medical credentials protect patients and minimize legal exposure to the healthcare system.

National Integrated HealthCare Group provides the best and convenient credentialing services which are carried out by our experienced and professional analysts.

Our services

  • Credentialing 
  • Re-credentialing
  • Portal registrations
  • Contracting issues
  • Data Gathering
  • CAQH enrollment/maintenance
  • Expiring documents alert
  • Payer communications
  • Automated status updates

Our process:

The process of credentialing is not easy but it has emerged as an important aspect of the healthcare industry. To maintain the quality one must opt for this service done by the experts as it expedites the timeline for completing the credentialing process. The credentialing process managed by the National Integrated HealthCare Group is completed by verifying all of the provider’s documents to ensure that they are valid and current. These documents include their medical license, malpractice insurance, and DEA, etc.

Credentialing is important for

  • Physicians
  • Physician Assistants
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Urgent Care Facilities
  • Audiologists
  • Behavioral Health Providers
  • Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists
  • Chiropractors
  • Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Optometrists
  • Home Health
  • Mental Health Therapists
  • Dentists
  • DME
  • Acupuncturists
  • Massage Therapists

Why choose us?

We are the leading credentialing service provider in the industry and is led by a team of experienced analysts that handles all your issues cost-effectively and in a timely manner.

  • We are a one-stop destination for fast and prompt service of all your credentialing needs
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  • Reasonably priced credentialing packages are suitable for every type of business needs
  • We have a team of experts that stay updated with the trend and laws.
  • We are applauded for our high-class service
  • Incredible customer support 24×7
  • We maintain transparency with our clients and provide honest information and appropriate feedback.