Primary source Verification

Every organization while appointing a new physician or medical staff wants to be sure that this will add up to the credibility on their organization. Thus, it is necessary to cross-check and validate their documents and degree.

In this competitive world, there is no place for any risk. The accuracy of the information and documentation they provide during the credentialing process is critical.

 A typical healthcare practitioner needs to provide a considerable amount of information such as licensure, certifications, work history, education details, references, etc. and it’s the responsibility of the credentialing professionals to ensure every document and statement is accurate and valid. National Integrated Healthcare Group is one of the most trusted and reliable credentialing service providers in the nation and is engaged in this service since more than 20 years.

Primary source Verification:

Credentialing is a crucial part for any organization. Failure on our part to verify the accuracy of the information provided not only put risks at patient safety but also exposes your organization to hefty legal and regulatory fines. To avoid these errors, hospitals and healthcare facilities opt for primary source verification. Reaching out directly to the basic source of information will assure you about the authenticity of documents, provider’s training, experience and competence.

What are primary sources?

A primary source is a source from where it has originated. As per our experience following are the basic sources where healthcare organizations should contact for verification:

  • Educational institutions that will verify medical school and post-graduate training records
  • Federal and state government agencies to verify licenses like medical and DEA, sanctions, National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB), National Provider Identifier (NPI), state certifications board, controlled substance/narcotics certification, background checks, criminal history, OIG,  SAMS / GSA, Medicare opt-out checks, and military personnel records
  • Hospitals and past employers to verify professional history and privileges granted
  • Professional associations to verify affiliations and professional certifications

Why choose us?

NIHC has been ruling the credentialing industry since its inception. With the help of our incredibly trained and skilled team, we are serving Dallas with premium quality and easy to access services that are preferred by hundreds of providers. Our team of experienced analysts is well-trained to handle all your issues cost-effectively.

Following are a few reasons that let us outstand against our competitors:

  • We make sure that your data is protected, secured and up-to-date
  • Faster payment processing and boost your patient referrals
  • Simple and faster processing of paperwork and application forms
  • We help build and maintain quality relationships with different payer sources.
  • Our team delivers a knowledgeable and comprehensive service
  • Provide useful and genuine recommendations by performing analysis for your specialty and service area 
  • Our end to end services like initial credentialing, re-credentialing, notifying you of any expiring documents and maintaining your CAQH profile make us our customer’s first choice.